Our History

Below is an excerpt from an article that was published in American Magazine on November 1926. This article tells the story of our great grandfather, who was known by many as "The Blind Builder."

Down in Nashville, Tennessee, there is a builder of homes who is different from most other builders. He is Blind. He has been blind since boyhood.

Edward C. Scruggs was born in 1854 in Franklin, Tenn., the son of a Confederate farmer. When he was 3 years old his grandmother gave him a pocket knife.

"From then on whenever I had nothing else to do, I got out my knife and whittled. It wasn't long before I could cut out simple things, like balls, squares, links and whatever took my fancy. My whittling became a habit, a sort of second nature that asserted itself in idle moments. I didn't realize it then, but with that pocketknife I was starting a career and also learning this secret of happiness - doing."

Scruggs Coat of Arms, Illustrated by Susan Scruggs


Scruggs Family Home

1926 ~ E.C. Scruggs Senior stands in front of the family home he built on Belmont Boulevard ~ Currently the Nashville Chess Center.

Scruggs Senior with Scruggs Junior, his business partner, in front of construction site.

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